The evidence PACAC didn’t want you to see.

PACAC evidenceOn Tuesday 12th July PACAC held an evidence session following the Ombudsman’s report investigations-into-unsafe-discharge-from-hospital.  Only those in the know turned up as no date was given on the PACAC website and due to a ‘system glitch’ advance notification was not sent to those on the mailing list either.  Consequently, the newly resigned Dame Julie Mellor was able to sit back with ease to listen to the unfolding debate.  You can see it here:   Oral evidence session 12.7.16

In traditional finger-wagging style the Ombudsman blames the NHS and Social Care for not working in an integrated way without a hint that this is directly due to a series of government acts which have served to divide social care from the NHS to allow for marketisation.  The Ombudsman shares nine harrowing stories and uses emotive language such as ‘untold anguish’ which just goes to show that they can do empathy when it suits them. This report follows on from a similar one in 2011 and clearly there has been no improvement since the NHS received the benefit of their last ‘shine a light’ expose from the Watchdog.

If the Ombudsman was really concerned about poor hospital discharge she has a direct route to tackle it – robust investigation, followed by sanctions requiring action plans for those Trusts found culpable.  She could come down hard on the poor hospital discharge and now that PHSO work hand in glove with LGO they could tackle both sides of the problem in an integrated fashion.  But this is not what the Ombudsman does and we have the evidence to prove it.  First-hand cases where PHSO have turned a blind eye to unsafe hospital discharge, allowing it to continue unchecked until the next report comes round.

We submitted evidence to PACAC to that effect.  This overview from the Pressure Group wasn’t published until after the start of the meeting, although it was submitted at the end of June.  None of the witnesses could have read it in advance and I doubt many read it afterwards.

Another group member submitted their own first-hand experiences of PHSO’s casual disregard for poor hospital discharge.   Teresa Steele‘s was accepted by PACAC on 7.6.16 but removed on 13.7.16.    It would appear that true accounts of ‘untold anguish’ ignored by Dame Julie Mellor and her team, are of no interest to PACAC, the witnesses or the wider public.

The narrative so carefully maintained by Dame Julie Mellor and her government supporters in PACAC is that the Ombudsman cares, the Ombudsman wants to see improvements and that something is being done to prevent future suffering.

 None of it true, but then truth is such an overrated commodity.


Editor’s update:  25.7.16

Eventually, redacted versions appeared on the PACAC website, too late to make any difference.  You can see them here:  PACAC inquiry evidence

The evidence that PHSO cry only crocodile tears is revealed in this FOI request.  Unsafe hospital discharge records  Although the new report acknowledges the level of harm caused by unsafe hospital discharge, PHSO do not store this information on a searchable database.  It is not a ‘key word’.  In order to identify hotspots or improvements it would be necessary to manually search each case file.  This does not look like an organisation with any genuine intention to make improvements in this area and PACAC do not look like a parliamentary body with any intention to pull them up on this fundamental failure. Like a Russian show trial in reverse, PACAC continually take the guilty and find them innocent.



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  1. On July 4th. 2016, before the deadline , I posted on the site my personal story and concerns together with supporting evidence of negligence by a hospital consultant and a cover up by PHSO investigator who was also negligent .

    On July 10th. 2016 I received a telephone call from PACACS office asking me to confirm that I had no objection to the committee publishing my statement on line . I confirmed that I had no objection and hoped that it would be posted on line.

    This has not happened so far.

    I plan to prosecute the Hospital involved, Surrey County Council adult social services and the Investigator for the PHSO office . as I am permanently disabled as a result of an unsafe discharge and negligence as an out patient thereafter !

    • If you would like to send your evidence to me John, then I will put it on-line. The truth will out. Good luck with your prosecutions.

      • Written Evidence from Mr John Patrick O’Brien

        Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

        Investigations into Unsafe Discharge from Hospital – follow up inquiry.

        I, the above named would like to give my written submission to the select committee regarding unsafe discharge practice from an NHS Hospital, on behalf of my self . I am now 76 years of age. I have personal experience of both the unsafe discharge procedure and the subsequent failure of the PHSO. to carry out a competent investigation into my concerns. I live alone in my own property.

        Executive summary:

        The parties to which I have addressed my concerns which remain unanswered and unresolved are:

        • Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. East Surrey Hospital Redhill) (Chief Executive Mr. Michael Wilson ) ( Complaint managed by Ms Katherine Horner )

        • Surrey County Council, adult social services .( Chief Executive Mr. David Mc Nulty. Complaint Managed by Mr Stuart Ayden , locality team manager

        • The Local Government Ombudsman Investigator Mr Thomas Hampson. Accountable to Mr David Pollard assistant Ombudsman

        • The Public Health Service Ombudsman. Investigator Mr. Thomas Hampson accountable to Mr David Pollard assistant ombudsman

        My concerns are :

        A) I was discharged before I was clinically ready, and as a result I am now permanently disabled.

        B) I was not assessed, or advised of a care plan prior to discharge from hospital on October 20th .2014

        C) My daughter who is my sole relative was not advised of my discharge, prior to my notice of discharge .

        D) I had no care plan discussed or agreed with me, or my daughter prior to discharge


        (1) Thursday 14th. August 2014 my daughter took me to see my GP at surgery as an emergency because of a fall I had that morning I was diagnosed with a urine infection and given antibiotics
        (2) Saturday 16th. August 2014 my daughter took me to the outpatients department at East Surrey Hospital following the fall and ongoing instability. I was tested, x rayed and found with the urine infection for which I was given more antibiotics and Co Codamol for the pain, and discharged

        (3) Tuesday 19th. August 2014 my daughter took me back to the outpatients department at the same hospital. I was checked again for infection which following further blood tests , proved to be septicaemia discitis .

        (4) I was admitted and remained in a very serious condition until I was discharged by ambulance on October 21st. 2014. I had reached the age of 74 without ever having been in hospital in my life, I was therefore totally unfamiliar with procedure and practice in both NHS hospitals and Adult Social services.

        (5) At about 4.30 p.m. on October 20th. 2014 I was informed by the ward sister on Godstone Ward that an ambulance would take me home at 11 a.m. the following morning as I was fit to be discharged . When my daughter came to visit me that evening she was horrified to learn of this abrupt and unannounced discharge. She immediately went to purchase food for my return home and to turn on heating in my flat which had been unoccupied since my arrival in hospital in August two months before.

        (6) On October 21st 2014 I arrived home at around 1.30 p.m. and was left by my front door with my baggage and a catheter bag which had been fitted whilst I was in hospital, and was not removed prior to discharge.

        (7) At 5.00 p.m. on October 21st. 2014 a care manager from Surrey County Council adult social services arrived on my doorstep and announced that her staff were going to care for me until I was fully recovered. This care consisted of getting me out of the bed in the morning and feeding me. A lady came lunchtime to feed me. Two ladies came in the evening to get me undressed for bed and to feed me. My catheter bag was also emptied and changed from night bag to day bag, daily

        (8) On November 7th.2014 an occupational therapist employed by Surrey County Council came to see if I needed any equipment to assist me. The hospital had already provided a disability toilet frame, a disability perching stool, and a disability trolley to carry food on, and to eat from.

        (9) The County Council Occupational Therapist after being asked and instructed to come and see what my needs were since October 20th. 2014 finally recommended on November 7th. 2014 the provision of a disability bed raiser raised bed equipment and a shower stool. A disability bed lever to allow me to be able to get in and out of bed without assistance was collected from Surrey County Council in Redhill on November 6th. 2014 by a volunteer lady from the British Red Cross.

        (10) The County Council Social Services were allegedly to provide six weeks free care by their staff and the to carry out an assessment for ongoing private care they left me to continue on my own without any help whatsoever.

        Immediately following discharge: East Surrey Hospital

        (1) Following my discharge from East Surrey Hospital on 21/10/2014 I was advised on 22/10/2014 that a contract had been made with First Community Health Care to visit me once per day for a nurse to inject an antibiotic into my blood stream via an IV catheter for six weeks, as I was still seriously infected.

        (2) A nurse arrived to give me my first IV injection on 22nd. October 2014 she also informed me of her contract and completed paperwork relating to it with me. Again another matter which I was totally unaware of prior to discharge

        (3) On October 27th. 2014 a District Nurse arrived and informed me she had been instructed to ensure that my catheter bag was secure and that I knew how to use it. She completed more paperwork and gave me contact telephone numbers in case of emergency. I used these numbers on three occasions when blood appeared in my catheter bag . When I telephoned on each occasion I was advised not to worry about it as this was quite “normal” with a catheter bag. The first community health care nurse who came daily borrowed from the District Nurse office in Redhill the necessary equipment to wash out my bladder to prevent further bleeding

        (4) On October 28th. 2014 a volunteer lady from the British Red Cross arrived and informed me that she would be visiting me once every week for four weeks to ensure I was being looked after properly and to secure any help I might need. . She was the lady who given the repeated failure of the Occupational Therapist to visit me, arranged for the bed lever to be collected by her and delivered to me on November 6th. 2014

        (5) At the end of the six weeks of IV injections I was due to return to East Surrey Hospital to see the consultant who had discharged me, as an outpatient. (Dr. Raad Makadsi ) He failed to arrange the appointment when I was discharged, until the Nurses treating me at home demanded an appointment on November 30th. 2014 because the course of antibiotics was to complete on December 2nd 2014 and the IV catheter should be removed under a doctor’s direction to avoid infection, if not to be used any longer.

        (6) On December 5th 2014 an ambulance collected me from home and delivered me to outpatients department to see the consultant.( Dr. Makadsi ) He prescribed a further 8 weeks of antibiotic tablets and belatedly ordered the IV to be removed. He also ordered a third MRI scan of my spine as he claimed he wanted to study the infection there.

        (7) On Sunday January 11th. 2015 The MRI scan of my spine was taken. During the course of the scan the radiologist in charge examined my medical notes and stated that he thought that a scan without contrast was incorrect, but there was nothing he could do about it as he was not permitted to over ride the consultants directions.

        (8) At this point my concern as to the competence of Dr. Makadsi and his department became serious on the following grounds.:

        (a) He had discharged me at less than 24 hours notice on 21/10/2014 without my knowledge or consent , and without a care plan having been discussed with me or my daughter

        (b) He had failed to make the appointment for me as an outpatient, following completion of six weeks of the IV drip and daily attention and physical checks from a visiting nurse.

        (c) He had on 5th. December 2014 put me on an 8 week course of oral anti biotic ( Augmentin) with a follow up appointment on March 9th. 2015.

        (9) This gave me cause for concern as from December 5th.2014 until March 9th. 2015 was a period of three months without any contact with the doctor who prescribed the medication. Prior to this I had every day contact with nurses and doctors from East Surrey Hospital who regularly took blood samples and blood pressure tests to ensure the medication was working.

        (10) On 28th February 2015. I made my first complaint to Carolyn Tanner, Secretary to Dr. Makadsi about the way I was being treated by her department not only on discharge but also thereafter . She chose to ignore the complaints procedure laid down by the Trust.

        (11) On March 26th. 2015 I made a second written formal complaint to Ms. Tanner. Which once again was ignored.

        (12) On March 26th. 2015 I received an acknowledgement of a complaint about the outpatients booking service from Lucy Kate van der Merwe on behalf of Michael Wilson CEO of the Trust She promised to have my complaint resolved within 20 days. This never happened !

        (13) On May 21st. 2015 I received an acknowledgement from Lucy Kate van der Merwe regarding my complaint about Dr. Makadsi and that I would receive an answer within 20 working days. This never happened

        (14) Since that date I have received a further 12 letters from Ms. van der Merwe promising a response within 20 days. None of which ever happened

        (15) Whilst I am sure that Ms. van der Merwe acted in good faith it is a matter of record that on May 19th. 2015 Dr. Raad Makadsi sent an internal e mail stating that he would not respond to any questions or queries from me and indeed refused to see me ever again .

        (16) Under the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act I received from Ms. Kathryn Horner on February 11th. 2016 after a Subject Access Request 132 internal e mails relating to my concerns and complaints which carried over for over a year after my discharge The emails were not redacted and I now have evidence of the conspiracy of silence entered into by 14 members of Trust staff including the Chief Medical Officer the Head Nurse and the Chief Executive to cover up the e mail statement made by Dr. Raad. Makadsi on May 19th. 2015

        Immediately following discharge – Surrey County Council “adult social services” . (SCC)

        (1) On October 21st.2014 the SCC care manager Julie Dean who visited my house produced paper work prepared by her colleague Heidi Jones dated Sunday October 19th. 2014 which she asked me to sign as being accurate .

        (2) It later turned out that the form should have been presented to me whilst I was still in hospital and that the personal data and information on the form was both inaccurate and misleading .

        (3) On December 17th. 2014 I was visited by two senior members of Surrey County Council adult social services regarding my complaint . One of them a Mrs Stephenson claimed that the incorrect information had been supplied by East Surrey Hospital. I did point out that the form was supposed to be verified as correct by me before discharge. A comment which she did not take kindly to.

        (4) On January 26th. 2015 I received a formal letter from another manager Sue Kukreja stating that my complaint would be resolved within 20 working days. Nothing ever happened

        (5) Without going into a longer and even more detailed account Surrey County Council adult social services staff have persistently failed and recently refused to respond to my concerns with responsibility for the complaint being passed around the Council from one Director to another.

        (6) Under the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection act I have now requested copies of all files held about me by Surrey County Council in my name. To in particular include all the complaint records and internal e mails relating to my complaints outstanding since December 2014.

        Local Government Ombudsman (LGO)

        1) On June 10th. 2015 I wrote to the LGO outlining my complaint against Surrey County Council adult social services who had in my view breached my human rights under Articles 3 and 8 of the 1998 Human Rights Act.

        2) On June 29th. 2015 I received an e mail from Damien Mc. Inernrey Assessment Team leader who gave my complaint the reference number 15004329. Mr. Mc Inerney also invited me to give him consent to investigate the conduct of East Surrey Hospital at the same time in conjunction with the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO)

        3) On July 6th. 2015 I e mailed to confirm my agreement to a joint investigation. With the email I attached copy of a redacted complaint letter dated June 24th. 2015 from Lucy Kate van der Merwe.

        4) On July 24th. 2015 Mr McInerney confirmed that agreement to investigate had been confirmed by the PHSO.

        5) On July 24th. 2015 I also received a letter from Stephen Reilly case worker at the PHSO confirming that the complaint would be a joint investigation into both parties complained about.

        6) On 19th. August 2015 Mr. Thomas Hampson informed me that he would be investigating my complaints against both Surrey County Council and Surrey & Sussex Healthcare Trust

        7) On September 2nd. 2015 Mr Hampson sent me a letter with a reference 15 004 329 with a copy of a letter to Mr Michael Wilson with a reference of 15 008 467 He also sent me a copy of a letter to Mr. David Mc. Nulty with the reference 15 004 329

        8) Both letters seeking a response within 20 working days namely September 30th. 2015

        9) On 27th. October 2015 Mr. Hampson having considered further letters to him increased the scope of his investigation as detailed in his letter.

        10) On November 1st 2015 I wrote to M.r Hampson expressing my concerns at the conduct of the Chief Nursing officer Fiona Alsop who had made a series of misleading and inaccurate statements in her letter to me dated 23/10/2015

        11) On November 3rd. 2015 Mr Hampson wrote to Stuart Ayden team manager of Surrey County Council adult social services ref 15 004 329 asking him to provide evidence as requested and a statement to refute my allegation.

        12) On November 3rd. 2015 Mr Hampson wrote to Katharine Horner at East Surrey Hospital ref 15 008 467 asking her to provide evidence as requested and a statement to refute allegation.

        13) In both letters Mr. Hampson stated In the interests of fairness we will send Mr. O’Brien a copy of your comments and any evidence that we rely on in reaching a decision , unless it contains personal data about other people

        14) On January 28 2016 I sent an e mail to Mr Hampson disputing the content of his draft report . I also requested more time to gather evidence against both parties as I had made Subject Access Requests of both of them

        15) On January 29th. 2016 Mr. Hampson confirmed by e mail that he would extend the dead line until 16th. March 2016 to allow more time for East Surrey Hospital and Surrey County Council to comply with my subject access requests under the 1998 Data Protection rAct

        16) On February 13th. 2016 I asked Mr Hampson why he had agreed with Ms. Horner of the East Surrey Hospital that they would not consider any events or correspondence after his first letter of September 2nd 2016 to the Trust . This was done without my agreement and is in my view a breach of human rights under Article 6 of the 1998 Human Rights Act.

        17) Following the failure of both parties to comply with my subject access request I asked Mr Hampson for more time to obtain evidence a request which he refused on the basis that he consider I had sufficient evidence already .

        18) On March 18th. 2016 Mr Hampson issued his final response. In his covering letter to me he stated “I am sorry that you remain dissatisfied with the findings of my investigation. I note that you now intend to take legal action and are making a complaint to the General Medical Council about Dr. Makadsi. I also note that the Trust has offered you a meeting with the Medical Director , Chief Nurse and the Patients Safety & Risk L ead to discuss your concerns not addressed in this decision”

        19) Three matters arise from this letter which are misleading and inaccurate :

        (A) No reference to my concerns about Dr. Makadsi are made in the report published and circulated by Mr. Hampson .

        (B) No reference is made to the fact that Dr. Makadsi refused to treat me as of May 19th 2015. Even though Mr. Hampson had that e mail on file in his records.

        (C) The appointment arranged to meet hospital staff was withdrawn by Katherine Horner Safety & Risk lead on March 11th. 2016 ( a week before Mr. Hampson published his report . )

        20) I complained about the decision made by Mr. Hampson and received a reply from Mr. David Pollard Assistant Ombudsman on April 14th. 2014 when he claimed to uphold the decision made by Mr. Hampson on March 18th. 2016.

        21) I quote the closing paragraph to his letter on April 14th. 2016

        “We have now finished investigating your complaint and the decision is final. This completes our contact with you on this matter and we will not enter into further correspondence. This does not stop you from complaining to us about a new issue in the future “

        22) May 6th. 2016 I received a letter from Hilary Pook Information and Records manager for the PHSO.. She apologised that Mr. . Hampson had “forgotten” to send me the evidence from Surrey County Council and East Surrey Hospital as stated in his letters to them on November 2nd .2015 ( Page 6 item 13 above )

        23) On May 9th. 2016 I received a large parcel of documents in evidence provided by Surrey County Council and East Surrey Hospital with a covering letter from Mr. Thomas Hampson

        I quote as follows:

        Further to your correspondence with Hilary Pook, please find enclosed copies of the remainder of the records relating to your case.

        Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending these to you. This is due to my oversight in not making the records available for your electronic file

        I find it quite extraordinary that Mr. Pollard as Assistant Ombudsman on April 14th. 2016 uphold the report by Mr Hampson when on May 9th. 2016 I receive a letter from Mr. Hampson admitting that he was negligent in failing to provide me with the evidence which he held in his office..

        In Conclusion:

        As matters stand now both Surrey County Council adult social services and Surrey & Sussex Healthcare Trust are in my case breach of the following legislation:

        (1) Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) regulations 2014 Regulation 20

        (2) The Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009

        (3) The NHS constitution which incorporates Sections 3 6 and 8 of the 1998 Human Rights Act

        It is also reasonable to state that the PHSO is in breach of the following:

        (1) The Health Service Commissioner Act 1993 as amended

        (2) The 1998 Human Rights act section 6

        All three parties are also in contempt of:

        The equality act 2010

        The Care Act 2014.

        The 1998 Data Protection Act

        I have to say that having reached the aged of 74 with a profound respect for the medical profession and the system of support surrounding it, I am horrified that people within the profession and within Social Services are such blatant liars backed up by a Government organisation which is not fit for purpose

        I strongly recommend and support suggestions made to your committee by others that:

        1) You should introduce legislation to ensure that NHS employees at all levels and in all occupations are investigated by competent authority as to the veracity and competence of their statements in response to complaint by patients.

        2) The current procedure laid down by East Surrey Hospital is seriously flawed because person who is supposed to uphold it is in fact the main person who lied in giving evidence to the Ombudsman in her statement .

        3) Whilst you have introduced legislation relating to the Duty of Candour overseen by the Care Quality Commission, that body has no powers to investigate complaints which should be given to them

        I thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment and hope you find my concerns of value.

        I am still waiting for the parties involved to provide me with personal data before instructing solicitors in this matter I am also now a member of the PHSO pressure group.

        This is a statement of truth

        Drawn up today July 4th. 2016.

        By John Patrick O’Brien

        There is one document as an attachment marked J2

        Many thanks prompt response . Above is copy of statement to PACACS as requested.

        Having read comments for other parties I am surprised that nurses are expected to be involved in discharge procedure.
        To my mind it is a simple administrative procedure based on medical advice which should be carried out by non nursing staff . on a daily basis
        Trust my comments and report help others.


  2. I also sent evidence to them but was told it would not be published. I asked why and was told it didn’t fit the requirements of evidence called for……

  3. RUmbled and found wanting.

    Bernard Jenkin and those other Conservative members of the PACAC clearly do not buy into Mrs. Mays pledges made on 13 July outside No. 10 when she said she will use her position to “fight burning injustices.” –

    “The Government I lead will be driven, not by the interets of the privileged few but yours. WE will do everything we can to give you more contorl over your lives. When we take the big calls we will think not of the powerful, but you. When we pass new laws we will listen, not to the mighty, but to you….we will make Britain a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us”

    Just how will that work when Parliament ignores evidence that does not suit the agenda of the powerful and privileged few?

    How can Mrs May’s Government pass just and effectice new laws, namely Ombudsman reform, when compainants’ are not listened to and their interets are ignored?

    This exceptionally unfair and arrogant behaviour should impress us with the degeneracy that results when politicians play dirty.

    • I shall be sending a copy of my written statement to the committee to my local M.P. Mr. Sam Gymiah. for consideration.

    • Definitely rumbled ”
      You Teresa May quote Elaine reminded me off all the same rhetoric we have heard from too many politicians over the years!
      Nobody ever mentions IMPLEMENTATION yet its key otherwise all are just Paper promises and more akin to speech writing skills than honesty!

      • Dee, What I find fascinating is the legislation called “Duty of Candour” brought into force in April 2015 by this Government has not to my knowledge been enforced . It requires every body employed in the NHS to tell the truth.

        Yet I have personally obtained evidence against a string of people in an NHS hospital who covered up lies and malpractice for each other.

        When will the law be enforced ???

  4. Della, I’ve just this minute seen your new blog. I have looked at the PACAC site, and the evidence is still missing. I really believe they don’t know how to deal with this ‘error’, as I said earlier I believe it was an error that it went on the site in the first instance. Now I have brought it to their attention the contents of my evidence on THAT site is pretty damaging. The fact that it was ‘whipped off’ so quickly after they ‘actually read it’ was, I believe, a knee jerk reaction and knowing that I have evidence to prove it was on the site, along with group members having seen it the removal is also damaging. The chap I spoke to this afternoon (14 June ’16) initially said that evidence normally isn’t removed, I presume because its vetted first, and then, as he was handed a note once I gave my name, they then used the excuse of ‘data protection’ for this temporary removal, maybe they are trying to find a way to explain this away. Very curios.

    I suppose the blog can stay put, until they decide to put my evidence back , assuming that is their intention. We’ll wait and see.

    It looks like the system just might be showing cracks, I really hope so.

    • Teresa. I read your comments and printed off a copy. Indeed it was your comments which inspired me to write mine on July 4th.

      We have to keep going for the sake of everybody stuck with these appalling problems of gross negligence

      Best regards

      • Thank you John, unlike the government, we ARE all in this together. I am glad you printed a copy from the PACAC website, I never thought in a million years it would be published for all to see there, so damning was the material, but it was and remained there for over a month. All I stated I can back up with evidence, and it appears the powers that be really do not give a hoot about things being ‘open and transparent’, far from it.

        We can’t give up fighting for the truth.

      • hi john , as regards requesting info through the data protection act 1998 , request this under section 35 of the act , there is 2 parts , part 2 a, b , might be better in your case the info cant be witheld if it concerns yourself , as you say in your submission the emails were given to you without being redacted , they wont make that mistake again , so use the above this gives them 21 days to supply the data , and you wont need to pay anything still put subject access request and also section 35 , all under data protection act 1998 , if they fail to provide this then it is a breach straight away good luck from peter still

        • Hi Peter, Many thanks detailed info on 1998 data protection act. Although I have had some horrendous delays in provision of information from hospitals, surgery and county council social services, and the PHSO ombudsman , not one of them has ever redacted names of anybody. So I now have evidence of a cover up by 14 people in an NHS hospital from their own internal e mails where one consultant e mailed a manger stating he was going to cancel my appointment and never wanted to see me again. GMC are looking into that one .

        • Just had e mail from House of Commons PACAS today, to say my comments about NHS and PHSO of July 4th. 2016 have been published on line.

          It could be worth Teresa and others checking

          Looks like PHSO publicity really works Thank you

          Also note today that LBC are giving wide coverage to cover ups by NHS Trusts nationwide

          Regards to all.

      • Thank you John…….your evidence clearly points to system failure (and covering up, I believe)! “too err in human but to cover up is unforgivable-and to fail to learn is inexcusable” ….-(NHS CMO)Sir Liam Donaldson NHS in 2008
        But he said lots in the early ‘pre Twitter’ days…….then he left Twitter!

        I agree -“We have to keep going for the sake of everybody stuck with these appalling problems of gross negligence ”
        Thank you again

  5. The system is showing cracks seems to be in meltdown Is Julia Mellor still hanging around ??? Who is in charge ??and who is dealing with all our complaints and who cares ????Think we need a further meeting with Bernard Jenkin A S A P .

  6. MY evidence is back up on the PACAC site as of yesterday, (13 July ’16). It’s a weary old road for justice, but we can’t give up, we’ve all come too far.

    • Teresa. My statement published on the 19th. July 2016 was heavily redacted. It may have been that it took Commons staff time to read the content and redact before publication on their site I was very specific about individuals in my statement so delay for redaction is not unreasonable .

      After all there must have been chaos going on around them at the time, as there was nobody ” in charge” of anything on July 4th. 2016 .

    • Teresa Just read your statement posted for the second time. It has been redacted. I have a copy of the original which was not redacted.

      Another mistake made by Parliamentary staff ??????

      • Doesn’t seem to matter how many mistakes they make John, they seemingly are unaccountable! By that I mean the PHSO, PACAC, PARLIAMENT! Thank heaven’s for the school holidays, I may just get a bit of time to write a few letters.

        • Teresa, to be fair, I suspect that your post was withdrawn because it had not been redacted.

          My post was sent in on July 4th. 2016 and acknowledged that day. Yet it was not posted on site until the 19th. July. It is probable that somebody spotted names of individuals on your statement and withdrew it.

          My statement was redacted all over the place, and even then they missed a couple of names.

          So staff in the office are not likely to hare removed your statement without reason,

          The other individual statement is now also posted on site with redaction.

          Have a good summer “recess” . We shall have to see if Mrs May gets her M.P.s to do their job properly and follow their own “duty of candour” legislation .

          I therefore assume that even though they were not published on the web site by July 12th. they were considered by the committee . Minutes of the meeting or Hansard should show if they were included.

        • Parliamentary staff are playing catch up. Just printed off another copy of my report of July12th.. 2016 Where names were shown the word “redacted” has been put in their place.

          Am now approaching Trustees of the NHS Trust that caused my problems. As the CEO wrote to me and told me because of the breakdown in “therapeutic trust” I should taker my business elsewhere.

          Also informed my G.P . I am not impressed. !

    • I have just noted and read the evidence of Mrs. Whalley on the parliamentary web site. her statement and experience is horrifying and would move most people to tears.

      There can be little doubt that the level of callous conduct by staff at PHSO is incredible and unacceptable.

      I am happy to work with anybody to make these people conduct them selves in a civilized and lawful manner. .

  7. Teresa. I have just printed off a copy of my written statement from the Government web site. On screen it is redacted.

    But when printed off the redaction does not appear. Strange another technical error perhaps as all the names and personal details are clear as day .

    • I know John, Margaret said the same thing happened to her evidence on the PACAC website. You have to laugh at the incompetence. A total joke from start to finish. I’ve written to Bernard Jenkin on 27th July, not had a reply but it’s early days yet. We just have to keep pushing forward.

      I don’t think they initially read my evidence when it first went on the site, as they only took it down when I asked them if they had actually read it, ( it was so damning I couldn’t believe it had been published).

      • Teresa,

        I have now sent printed off copies of the online publication to the CEO of the Healthcare Trust and CEO of Surrey County Council, inviting them to comment. Also to remind them that they are now on the internet for all the world to see.
        Perhaps “name and shame” may have some effect !

        Keep it up

        • One would think that the damning evidence on PACAC’s own website would shame them. Well in five years apparently I’ve shamed no one, and neither has any other member of the group. Hard to believe, but I know we won’t give up, in fact I do believe it makes us fight all the harder.

          • Teresa, Sadly these guys have no shame. There are thousand of staff in the NHS who spend all their time covering each others backs and evading accountability.

            Which is why Parliament passed the legislation known as “Duty of Candour” with effect from April 2015.. I find it horrifying that there has to be a law to make doctors and NHS staff tell the truth to patients and relatives.
            I got to age 74 being incredibly naïve because I rarely saw a doctor, then I learned the hard way just how bad the NHS cover ups really are.
            keep it up. Regards.

  8. We spoke. Good luck with your efforts.

    I now have evidence from internal e mails that there is a conspiracy within the Trust AND the County Council to cover up for errors. I have also been sent copies of evidence by PHSO two months after the decision was published. which show the lies and contradictions which the Investigator never observed..


  9. It is good to know that somebody outspoken like Ian Hislop is supporting our call for justice and truth in the NHS

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