Private Meeting with PASC 26th November 2013

phsothefacts-logo-D3.pngPrivate Meeting with PASC

26th November 2013


Eleven PHSO complainants were invited to a private meeting with members of the PASC committee on 26th November and attended that meeting.  We were all given the opportunity to speak briefly about our own cases and as we did so common themes emerged.  Key among these was the consistent inability of PHSO to address the important issues, their bias towards public bodies, their inability to account for their own decisions and the way in which complainants were ignored when they continued to ask for explanations.

Some of the committee members looked shocked at the appalling and arrogant way the Ombudsman handles public complaint.  One of the members,  Mr. Greg Mulholland MP, stated that he would like to see any evidence of PHSO maladministration.  When it was pointed out that we could all supply evidence, he agreed he would accept any evidence presented.

So here is our opportunity to be heard. 

As it is not always easy to have your correspondence reach the member of parliament it is intended for, we plan to take all evidence personally to the House of Commons on 16th December 2013 when we attend the next hearing of the inquiry into the Ombudsman service.  At this meeting Dame Julie Mellor will be answering questions and we have been told that content from our private meeting will be used to formulate those questions.

Please attend the PASC inquiry meeting on 16th December 2013 (9.30) and show by strength of numbers our concern about the quality of this service. 


What type of evidence should we present?   Do’s and Don’t s. 

  • PASC wish to see instances where PHSO have blatantly ignored the evidence put before them.
  • Instances where PHSO have favoured a public body where there is no evidence to support their case. ie. bias.
  • Firm evidence of collusion between PHSO and NHS trusts or other public bodies.  This is a key issue and any data on this should be prioritised.
  • Do not put forward supposition if you cannot support your claim with hard evidence.  You may well be right, but these issues will only be a distraction.
  • Do not write reams and reams even though your case is complex.  We want Mr. Mulholland to be able to find the facts quickly.  So summarise, stick to the above points and provide the evidence as an appendix.
  • It is better for PASC to process a large number of different complaints than to work through a few lengthy ones.  If you write too much they may not read it.  See example given below.

Make sure your evidence is ready for 16th December then either bring it yourself to the PASC inquiry, pass it to someone you know is attending, or post/email it to me and I will take it for personal transfer.  

Contact me at

Include a copy for Mr. Oliver Letwin MP.  He is also calling for evidence as part of the Cabinet Office investigation into the Ombudsman service.  The Cabinet Office controls legislation, so Mr. Letwin is a key player.  See details here:

We were also encouraged to start a pressure group by another member of the committee Mr. Lindsay Roy MP. is happy to act as coordinator for this pressure group.  Please see  join-pressure-group  on this site for more information.




10 thoughts on “Private Meeting with PASC 26th November 2013

  1. Having massive problems right now re NHS and I mean serious life/death. I will be there, many of my friends no current situation, we have no where to turn and cannot have any trust in any authority they are all letting this continue and to get consistently worse

      • Great stuff Rob. Bring your evidence with you. Sorry to hear you have on-going problems with NHS. Wish I could do more to help. Hang on in. Change is coming.

        • Are you sure a change is coming as my son has just been sectioned again to the same hospital same staff and no one knows why he has been sectioned I haave spoken to all police all social workers , the hospital and NOONE knows why and my son has not seen 1 dr regarding this!! My family is in a living hell and noone is doing anything regarding, what changes are happening?

          Same as what happend last year and he wasnt allowed an appeal for 5 months and all sorts of ACTS & laws broken and they have done the same again TODAY, interesting changes NOT

          • Sorry to hear your family is still being treated badly by the NHS Rob. It really is a scandal. The only change we have so far is that the PASC committee are finally listening to our concerns. Hopefully they will be able to put pressure onto PHSO to do a proper job when investigating cases like yours. If the regulator actually regulated and delivered sanctions then NHS Trusts would not be able to get away with such appalling treatment. Change is coming Rob, I’m sorry that it is so slow and painful.

          • I understand that but I am constantly hearing that the NHS has changed, the CQC has changed etc etc but all i keep seeing is same

  2. I don’t know where you live Rob, but what you need is an expert in Community Care to help you. You could try Cares UK who give advice but don’t do case work. You could ask them who does.
    Try Legal services for a list of names of specialists, either in Mental Health or Community Care. Perhaps your son might be entitled to legal aid? But you need someone who will go the extra mile and not just sit at a deck pushing paper.

    You could try Bridge McFarland in Grimsby, they are helping me. They do go all over the country.


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