PHSO Pressure Group takes to the streets.

2013-12-16 16.53.59On Monday 16th December some members of PHSO Pressure Group took a walk from the London Eye to Millbank Tower to hand in a Christmas card to Dame Julie Mellor and her staff.

The card, a dove of peace, was a gesture to the service providers that we, the service recipients, wished to work together in 2014 to improve the sorry state of affairs which currently leaves 98% of complainants without justice, remedy or closure.

We are looking forward to meeting with Dame Julie Mellor in February and having the opportunity to discuss with her the devastating impact of being told that an investigation into a loved one’s untimely death would serve ‘no worthwhile purpose’.

Later on the 16th we met with others from the group to attend the PASC Annual Scrutiny Meeting with Dame Julie Mellor and Helen Hughes.  You can see the meeting in full here:   PHSO Pressure Group have prepared a response to that meeting, as we felt that some of the answers did not give the whole story.

If you would like to comment then join the Pressure Group and combine your voice with ours by completing the form on the ‘Join Pressure Group’ tab.

Together we are louder, together we will be heard.