Join the PHSO Pressure Group.  Together
 we will be heard. 

The aim of the pressure group is to demonstrate to Parliament that the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman is not fit for purpose and should be totally reformed.   In line with current plans to reform the Ombudsman landscape we have three objectives:

1.  Within the Single Public Service Ombudsman sphere there should be a designated Health Service Ombudsman for England in line with devolution.  This body should be staffed by healthcare professionals and guided by legal expertise at all stages with the remit to deal with complaints from primary, secondary and health and social care sectors. In line with the proposed ‘Clinical Investigation Body’ the Health Service Ombudsman should be ultimately accountable to the Minister of State for Health.
2. To restore public confidence there must be improved accountability with an independent external review process for complaints made about the Ombudsman and independent external audit of decisions and reports in line with recommendations made by the Health Select Committee.  Parliament to be given the powers to investigate individual cases where poor complaint handling has been publicly acknowledged.
3.  As the Ombudsman is the final arbitrator then this body must have both the power and expertise to identify legal breaches.  Any legal breach or breach of policy should automatically be maladministration.

The pressure group will send correspondence to Parliament which represents the views of us all, organise campaigns, lobby MPs and other groups for support and act as a focal point for members of the public dissatisfied with the present service.  If you would like your voice to be heard, then join the PHSO Pressure Group  by contacting Della Reynolds at