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Each of us come to our complaints like lambs to the slaughter.  Naive and conditioned to believe in justice,  we try to make sense of a system which has no logic, bends the truth, denies the facts and fails to understand plain English.  In an attempt to short-circuit the process here is a collection of advice pages to help you make decisions as you struggle to find your way through a deliberate maze of obfuscation.  If you have any advice to offer then please contribute at

If you have a parliamentary complaint you may like to look up your chances of success based on previous PHSO performance.  In their 2014/15 report PHSO upheld only 10% of cases where a government body has arrived at an unsound conclusion or used the wrong guidance.  So that’s a 90% chance of failure.  Not good odds.  Look to the end of this report where you can find the uphold rates for the body you are complaining about.  In many instances there are no upholds whatsoever.   complaints_about_parliamentary_departments


Lasting Power of Attorney:

If you have a vulnerable family member undertaking medical care then you may like to set up Lasting Power of Attorney so that you can protect their interests if they are unable to do so themselves.  Having power of attorney will give you the right to see their medical records should you need to make a complaint.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Clinical Negligence Claim:

If you have a strong case of clinical negligence then side-step the Ombudsman altogether and go to court.  The Ombudsman will simply waste time, add to your frustration and may hinder further legal action in the future.

Making a claim for clinical negligence.

If you qualify you may be able to seek free legal advice from the pro-bono unit.

Bar Pro Bono Unit

The Bar Pro Bono Unit provides people with free legal advice and representation in court and tribunal cases from volunteer barristers. It only helps people who cannot afford to pay and cannot get legal aid.

Your case must be referred to the Bar Pro Bono Unit by a solicitor or advice agency such as a CAB, law centre or MP. You can get further information from the Bar Pro Bono Unit’s website at