Double scrutiny for PHSO.

Members of the Pressure Group following the PASC meeting.

Members of the Pressure Group following the PASC meeting.

On the 10th November members of the PHSO Pressure Group attended the annual PASC scrutiny meeting with Dame Julie Mellor and Mick Martin, the new Managing Director.  We sat in the public seating area at the back, taking notes and nodding in agreement at some of the searching questions from the chair, Bernard Jenkin and other members of the committee.  We noticed a new determination on the part of PASC to probe beyond the initial answer.  Even so, we felt that some of the responses lacked completion.  We were not in a position to cross-examine unfortunately, but we have been given the opportunity to ‘fill in the gaps’ with a written response to PASC which will be published on their website.

A copy of our response was handed directly to Mr. Jenkin yesterday following our meeting with Jeremy Hunt and has been sent by email to all members of the committee today.

If you would like to see our scrutiny of their scrutiny then please follow this link.

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