Coalition of Health Campaigns visit the BBC

Joint Press Release from PHSO the Facts and Heal the Regulators. 

Several senior journalists at the BBC international headquarters in the New Broadcasting bbc-logo-oHouse responded to invitations from two major campaigns, PHSO the Facts and Heal the Regulators, and met with their senior representatives in three separate meetings on Thursday 22 May 2014 (Super Thursday) regarding the Ombudsman and the regulators.

The journalists concurred with the two campaign groups that the high profile issues have wide public significance which affect all 65 million British people.  The serious issues are numerous, but can be grouped into three key ones:

1. The Ombudsman and the regulators have failed a large number of citizens

2. The Ombudsman and the regulators have failed a large number of professionals and practitioners

3. The Ombudsman and the regulators needs to be reformed (as stated in various reports from the Parliament, including the most recent one published by PASC, which suggested a People’s Ombudsman).

Senior professionals commented that in the history of campaigning, it seems that PHSO the Facts and Heal the Regulators are the only groups who managed to meet with the “heavyweights” in national press and media all in one day. The senior professionals felt that this milestone was achieved because the issues are of national importance and they hoped that the Prime Minister and Government Minister will soon be willing to meet with the campaign leaders as well.

Since Super Thursday (22 May 2014) at the BBC international headquarters, various national newspapers, TV stations and radio stations are becoming interested in PHSO the Facts and Heal the Regulators. We have a new meeting at the BBC (with another “heavyweight”) and a meeting with the Evening Standard next week.

What is unique about the two campaign groups, PHSO the Facts and Heal the Regulators, is that they are run by highly qualified, widely published and well-connected senior professionals. This is quite unique in the world of campaigning. This fact, combined with the fact that these two campaign groups promote compassion, kindness and wisdom, means that their work will flourish and last for decades to come. Compassion, kindness and wisdom will always exist and can never be destroyed, no matter how strong the bullying and victimisation.



6 thoughts on “Coalition of Health Campaigns visit the BBC

  1. Again very well done, proud of you, I am sorry that I remain so upset, I get as upset with me believe me, all I want is my son getting appropriate care.

    All the way through the PHSO and CQC etc have used DPA or Patient Confidentiality preventing me getting justice and appropriate care for my son. The DPA was only set up to stop malicious use of data and the Patient Confidentiality shouldn’t be used if subject matter is in patients best interest and well being.

    They all just look for 1st excuse to do nothing or make it up. I am at my wits end everyday as I know my son is dying no one understands my anguish even i am not who i was anymore 🙁 Sorry to all I upset but best wishes keep going 🙂

  2. Heal the Regulators health campaign is very pleased that we are working with PHSO The Facts Campaign on successful and meaningful projects, in particular, our good working relationship with the Department of Health. As we know, the reason our campaigns are so successful and smooth is because of our values (compassion, kindness and wisdom). We are blessed to be supported by many senior professionals who are well connected, widely published and highly qualified. We look forward to our future events, which include visits to 10 Downing Street, meeting Senior MPs and more meetings with national press and media.

    • It is indeed great progress, please keep me informed, well done all involved, very proud of you all. Rob x

  3. At last I find I am not alone! 7 years battle with PHSO. It admits it holds false data which now discredits its report but is not capable of retracting its report – stating a hospital is good when it is failing. PHSO is culpable for the Stafford deaths. PHSO does not yet verify its source data is accurate or complete- it trusts the accused to be honest!! It has known this failing exists for years and still keeps up its pretence. Just finding the campaign has lifted my spirits – thank you !! we deserve so much better than PHSO.

    • No you are not alone. PHSO has been denying justice to thousands of people for years. You are absolutely right when you say they are culpable for the Stafford deaths. PHSO did not investigate one single case from Mid. Staffs during the time of the inquiry, including that submitted by Julie Bailey. Even if they had, as you say, they manipulate the evidence to find no case to answer and can never change their minds as they never make mistakes. Corrupt from top to bottom and yes, we do deserve better.

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