After months of waiting PHSO finally release details of their staff survey…

Our staff survey of summer 2013 showed that we had not done as well as we should have in bringing staff along with us and making sure they were fully informed and involved during the period of change. While the majority of staff were committed to our work and had a high opinion of their peers, job satisfaction and morale had declined since the previous survey in 2011. The overall staff engagement score fell from 73% in 2011 to 47% in 2013, although the two surveys were not directly comparable in all areas. We have implemented an action plan to address these concerns, with more regular staff briefings, more face-to-face communication and question and answer sessions with senior staff, as well as a network of ‘engagement champions’ to help promote two-way communications. We also plan to launch a new intranet in summer 2014.

We have started to strengthen relationships with our trade unions – the Public and Commercial Services Union and FDA, formerly the First Division Association. We are more actively consulting, informing and involving them in decisions that affect their members, particularly about pay.

During the restructure we gave staff support to help them deal with the personal impact of changes, including coaching, career guidance and use of the employee assistance programme.

We hope for improved results in our next staff survey and we intend to systematically measure our success in motivating and developing staff, including through full staff surveys every two years.

(from Annual Report 2013 – 14)

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