Ombudsman Reform – MP Briefing Meeting.

Draft legislation for the new Public Service Ombudsman will be released for debate in parliament this spring.  Very few MPs are aware of these proposals or the opportunity this presents to finally deliver an effective and accountable Ombudsman service.

Please send this flyer  to your MP along with the proforma letter and invite them to attend the MP  Briefing Meeting on 23rd February in Committee Room 7, HoC starting at 3.00pm.  If your MP agrees to meet you there, then please come along too.  We need MPs to be our voice in parliament when this debate goes through the House.  To ask questions and scrutinise the legislation in committee.  Please alert your MP to this important legislation.  Even if they are unable to attend, it will raise awareness.  Let’s not allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers. Flyer 2